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Commander Remote Control for Beogram 4002/4

Commander Remote Control for Beogram 4002/4

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Beolover Commander Remote Control for Beogram 4002 and 4004:

  • Use an Apple remote to control your vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram turntable.
  • The perfect way for protecting the keypad from deterioration.
  • Easy plug&play installation. No soldering required.
  • Watch the installation and demo video.
  • Works in any Beogram 4002 or 4004 with DC platter motor (check white label on the bottom of the enclosure, or near the transformer inside the deck. If it states "Type 551x or 552x" then the Commander will fit.)
  • Mirrors all keypad functions including platter swiping and RPM switching.
  • The Commander also adds two new functions:
    • Fast scanning (just press the left or right buttons and after a couple seconds the scanning speed increases).
    • Auto-repeat. Press the up button up to 10 times and get 1-10 repeats. The repeat function is indicated by an LED mounted under the RPM adjustment panel.
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