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BeoloverRPM - Precise RPM Calibration for your Beogram

BeoloverRPM - Precise RPM Calibration for your Beogram

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BeoloverRPM device:

  • The perfect way for precisely calibrating the RPM of Beogram turntables.
  • More information and a demo video can be found on the Beolover blog.
  • BeoloverRPM is able to log the RPM for extended periods of time. This allows detecting intermittent RPM variations which can be very difficult to pinpoint via listening to records.
  • Can be connected to any USB port for data collection via generic terminal apps.
  • Compatible with most Apple Macintoshs and PCs.
  • Slow and fast data acquisition modes for long term RPM monitoring and high-resolution monitoring of the motor RPM control mechanism.
  • High-contrast OLED display for ad hoc monitoring.
  • Get in touch if you detect intermittent RPM variations. In such cases the platter motor usually needs an oil infusion of the bearings. Beolover can cure this issue!
Follow us on the Beolover Blog for updates and info about our B&O restoration efforts.
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