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CleanerVinyl ProXL Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

CleanerVinyl ProXL Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

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The CleanerVinyl ProXL record spinner cleans up to 25 vinyl records per batch. Fits on most standard 15 liter ultrasonic. Motor RPM can be adjusted from 0.2 to 5 RPM.

Can be expanded with the Lift-ProXL feature for convenient air drying of records. Go sleeve-to-sleeve in about 45 min. Optional Micron water filtration eliminates re-deposition of dirt and ensures that the water can be used for many batches of records before it needs to be replaced.


  • ProXL motor unit
  • 1/2 inch spacers for mounting up to 14 records
  • Base for securely mounting records on shaft
  • 100-240V USB power supply
  • Power cable
  • Free set of 1/4 inch spacers for mounting up to 25 records

Please, note that the ultrasonic cleaner is not included and needs to be purchased separately. We recommend using a UC-3360 multi-frequency ultrasonic for superior cleaning results.

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